Thursday, July 11, 2013

Evie turns 3!

Today we celebrated Evie's 3rd birthday!  She turned 3 on tuesday, but we made sure to make her feel extra special today.  She was the first to get her plate at lunch, she handed out her birthday treat of chocolate chip cookies to everyone, got to pick out our lunch devotional and got to pick a prize out of the birthday bucket.  It's always so fun making each of them feel special on their birthdays:)
 She enjoyed decorating a frog for "F" day as she took her time coloring.  She also took her time picking out some fun girly socks for her birthday gift.  This little girl is so special to me and I have loved watching her grow this past year.  It always amazes me how fast kids can grow up and I just wish they would stay small forever!  Happy 3rd Birthday Evie- we love you!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

D is for...

Today I had a small crew and we learned about the letter D.  I printed a bunch of pictures of things that started with the letter D and had them glue them on a sheet and we talked about each thing!  It was a simple and fun project for their age:)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Turtle!

Danny came home with a surprise in a box for the kids.  They were excited to go outside and see their surprise, I on the other hand was not to thrilled:)  It was a turtle and I made sure that it stayed outside:)  They loved it, well... some loved it and others stood back a few feet:)
As much as they loved it, it will not be staying at our daycare.  Even though the kids begged to keep it, tonight it will be released back into a pond:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

C is for Crown

Today we learned about the letter C and made a crown.  Since it was so nice outside we decided to do our craft out on the deck and took turns crafting and playing!

Some of my favorite pictures are kids playing outside in their element.  They LOVE being outdoors and I enjoy watching them play, pretend explore and get dirty having fun!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Zoo Day

Today we had a small daycare crew so we decided to take a little field trip to the zoo.  Thankfully I had a little extra help as Jasmyn, Jamaica and Danny were able to come along for the afternoon.  We had the most perfect weather and the kids were so excited to be there and run around.
With the extra hands of help I was able to get lots of pictures of the kids as the ran around and checked out all the animals.
Coyer brought his notebook along and would sit down after every animal and draw a picture of them, I love how creative he is!
We took a lunch break and had a picnic together.  They loved that we packed our lunches and didn't have to eat at home, its the little things that make them so happy!
After lunch they played in the sand and burned even more energy!
The summer days have brought on many scrapes, bumps and cuts and I have already gone through 2 boxes of boy Band-Aids.  How can I stop them from having fun though and being boys?!?
Our favorite animals today were the zebras and giraffes.  We spent a lot of time checking them out and it was adorable watching the kids peek through the windows and watching them point at the animals.
It was so nice that Danny had the afternoon off from work so he could spend some time with us.  I love being able to take the kids out on field trips, but I couldn't do it alone!
The kids were fascinated with the fake cow, I'm pretty sure they thought it was real:)
We had such a great day and the kids were MORE than ready for nap time!  Hopefully we can do this again soon!